Hardee's Is Testing a Froot Loops Mini Donut Milkshake Just in Time for Summer

Published 05-15-2019

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Just in time for summer, Hardee's is crafting the dessert mashup of our dreams. The fast food chain is taking the ridiculously popular Froot Loops Mini Donuts and putting them into a milkshake. Yes, you read that right. Hardee's is testing a milkshake in which one of the central ingredients is Froot Loops-flavored doughnuts.

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The new menu item is appropriately called the Froot Loops Mini Donuts Milkshake and is made from exactly what it sounds like: ice cream, milk, Froot Loops Mini Donuts and a whipped topping. The entire thing is then topped with a Froot Loops Mini Donut. The frankenshake will be available starting May 15 and will be available at participating locations while supplies last. The suggested retail price of a Froot Loops Mini Donuts Milkshake is $3.29.

The Daily Meal was actually able to try out the decadent new dessert, and we can confirm that it's just as rich and delicious as it sounds. The best part of this treat is how creamy it is. Blending actual doughnuts into the shake makes it extra thick. The vanilla ice cream base and milk allows for the flavor of the bright fruity doughnuts to shine through. And yes, the doughnuts really do taste like Froot Loops, and so does the milkshake.

Just be sure you come hungry, because this dessert is filling as all get out. And while a milkshake blended with Froot Loops-flavored doughnuts may sound insane, it has nothing on the craziest ice cream flavors in America.

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